Our Story

Our Story

At Zeroter.com, we provide a comprehensive e-commerce platform that brings buyers and sellers together to exchange quality goods and services with reasonable terms and conditions. Our focus is on premium goods and quality service as we grow a community based on trust and good reputation.

Our Team

Roy Ogunleye


Roy drives Zeroter strategic vision and leadership. He is a highly skilled, dedicated, experienced and multifaceted professional who brings a range of skills and expertise to his role as a Co-Founder and Strategic Leader at Zeroter. His passion for identifying client pain points, market gaps, problem-solving and meeting client needs, combined with his experience in start-up businesses, make him well-suited to drive Zeroter’s strategic vision.

He is a Co-Founder of Aerocopt LLC and Aerocopt Nig Ltd. Additionally, Roy’s accomplishments as a telecom engineer with expertise in several sectors, including Intelligent Transport System, Highways, Rail, Infrastructure, Telecommunications, and Renewable Wind Energy, highlight his versatility and ability to apply his skills across various fields.

As a leader, Roy works closely with stakeholders and his team to develop innovative solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction and sustainability. Overall, Roy’s experience, leadership qualities, and entrepreneurial spirit make him a valuable asset to Zeroter.

Ifeiyanu Akinola


Ife provides valuable leadership contribution to Zeroter. He has high ethical standard in business development and growth. He is also CEO of IMAGE Global LLC and IMAGE Global Consult Ltd, a reputable organization that helps clients with steady career growth, job satisfaction and success.

He is an accomplished telecom engineer with several years of experience as a Radio Frequency Engineer, Huawei/ Airtel Optimization / Reporting Engineer, Airtel Network/Operation Consultant.

He is also a certified Financial Consultant/Educator with experience as a Forex Trader, Fundamental and Technical Analyst.


Mayowa Oyeunmi


Mayowa’s natural leadership abilities make him standout. As a co-founder of Swingsell, he played a key role in building the company from scratch, demonstrating an entrepreneurial mindset, strategic vision, and exceptional work ethic. These qualities enabled him to successfully navigate the challenges of the startup environment, including resource constraints, operational complexities, and market uncertainties.

Mayowa’s ability to learn quickly and adapt to new situations is also noteworthy. This is evident in his background as a Forex fundamental and technical analyst, where he has honed his skills in analyzing complex datasets and making informed decisions in a fast-paced, ever-changing market. This ability to navigate complexity and stay agile in the face of uncertainty is a valuable quality for any Co-Founder and leader, particularly in the fast-paced technological world.

Overall, Mayowa’s exceptional professional background, natural leadership abilities, and adaptability make him a standout addition to the Zeroter leadership team. His diverse skillset and experience is undoubtedly a great contribution to the company.

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